The Inner Compass

Our time is limited. Our potential is Limitless.

In the quest for The Good Life it is vital we cultivate clarity and develop decisiveness in order to navigate life gracefully and ensure a feeling of fulfilment at the end of our days. 

I believe there is a knowing deep within us. There is a feeling and spontaneous urge that arises in each moment that will always bring right action. However, the subtle and dynamic nature of this feeling requires a great deal of awareness to stay attuned to. Ultimately the state is effortless, however, In the beginning it requires a great deal of effort to ensure you do not inhibit the expression. There can be no fear or hesitation. Fear generates tension which in turn restricts and alters the truth of the expression.

Cultivation of subtle awareness and deep relaxation help us to spend more time in this state. As we grow familiar it become easier and easier to maintain. 

I would like to offer the following exercise as a means to cultivate this state.

lie down on your back in ideal posture. (Shivasana)

Relax your body completely and bring your attention to your breath. 

Observe the breath without attempting to alter it. 

See if you are able to watch it without influencing it. 

If you find your mind wanders or your body holds tension use key words as a simple mantra to bring your awareness back to the breath and your body to a relaxed state.

I enjoy the words “Breathe”, "relax", "allow", "empty"

These words are training wheels with the ultimate goal being complete cessation of thought.

The breath will be come more and more subtle and minimal and the mind with reflect this peace and stillness. 

Repetition is vital in the cultivation of any skill or state of being. 2 sessions a day minimum are recommended. Setting a minimum time and using a timer helps solidify the intention and bring peace to the practitioner. 

Out of the darkness and silence we feel the most subtle truths of our response to the Now. Gradually this state of peace and surrender will integrate into our waking life and guide our thoughts and actions with Love and Grace. 

-Spencer Mack